#HygienicallyWithBosch was launched as a campaign to create brand awareness as well as to communicate the hygiene benefits of Bosch appliances for laundry & dish care. Another objective was to relieve the consumers’ fear amidst the Covid-19 situation. The campaign was further extended to cover other products as well.

Staying at home ensured people of their safety, yet they were looking for ways to make their homes even safer and cited assurance to achieve better hygiene with the help of home appliances.

A series of content was created to address the challenges by showcasing different features of home appliances that help in maintaining hygiene at home.


  • Bosch Dishwashers: Uses water at 70^C and makes sure germ-free utensils
  • Bosch Washing Machine: With Allergy plus program, washes laundry at 45^C and provides germ-free laundry
  • Bosch Dryers: Dries laundry at 50^C making it germ-free
  • Bosch Slow Juicer: A slow juicer ensures significantly more vitamins and enzymes are extracted from fruits.
  • Bosch Oven: Oven cavity heats up to 480 degrees C, turning all the leftovers into ashes, this function not only makes the cleaning effortless but also leaves oven hygienic for your next meal
  • Bosch Chimney: Ensures smoke-free kitchen. The 350W high power motor provides maximum suction for the kitchen.

For Slow Juicer, we changed the communication to ‘Stay Healthy with Bosch’ making it more relatable to the product.

The campaign received a positive response on social media platforms.

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