Mind the Malhotras – Partnership in our Minds

Rishabh (Cyrus Sahukar) and Shefali (Mini Mathur) Malhotra fear that their marriage may be a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode into a destructive end. Hence, they decide to seek professional help from a baffled therapist who dredges up the most embarrassing and bizarre moments in the Malhotras' family life. The campaign was divided into two phases for which we got a few partners on board -

Phase one

The couple meets a few influencers in order to explore how the influencers can help them spice up their marriage life:

  1. Melvin Louis

In partnership with Melvin Louis and Team Naach, dance videos wherein Mini Mathur & Cyrus Sahukar take dance classes

  1. Team Naach

Videos wherein Cyrus and Mini meet Melvin and Team Naach, in order to learn dance and spice up their marriage life. The couple takes dance lessons from Melvin and Team Naach and gets into the groove on the beats of Senorita and The Jawaani Song.

In partnership with pole burnt, a video wherein Cyrus Sahukar learns pole dancing to spice up his married life with Mini Mathur.

In order to spice up his married life with Shefali, Rishabh decides to learn pole dancing and visits Aarifa - a pole dance instructor. The video showcases Cyrus trying to replicate the moves, leading to hilarious outtakes.

In partnership with Le15 (Pooja Dhingra), a video wherein Mini Mathur & Cyrus Sahukar try baking a cake together

The couple has tried their hands on various ways to spice up their relationship. Here, they try to spend quality time and bond over by preparing a meal together. The couple decides to take help of Celebrity Chef Pooja Dhingra from Le15. In a funny video, she teaches them how to bake a cake.

  1. Phase two

A series of mixed-media offerings for all things shareable. Interesting articles, relatable videos, funny memes and much more to cure the TG's boredom:

  • In partnership with RVCJ, a video titled Weird Reasons Married Couple Fight, featuring Mini Mathur & Cyrus Sahukar

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