Making It Big With Music

Karwaan, a film of two friends and a chirpy teenager who take a road trip from Bangalore to Kochi to exchange dead bodies of their loved ones that were swapped by the courier company.  This journey gave them time to introspect on their lives.

As this film is a road trip film, so we crafted our entire campaign in a journey format. We used elements used in a trip, starting from Roadmap, soulful music, interesting conversations, meeting new people, taking pictures and more.

Apart from the trailer launch and getting the audience excited for the film launch, we associated with TVF and EIC to generate some interesting and entertaining content using film elements with the characters of the film Avinash and Tanya! With EIC, we created a funny video called Extroverts Vs Introvert. This not just helped us introducing the characters of the film, but also their behaviour. With TVF, we created a funny take on Instagram.

As this film is based on a road trip and no road trip can be completed without songs, so we recreated the cup song with ‘Chota Sa Fasana’ where we asked the users to watch Karwaan with their friends and post their pictures with the movie tickets to win some exciting merchandise.

The film got a very good opening and it was well appreciated by the film critiques, we showcased their reviews in a creative manner and the name of these film critiques were placed like a road sign board to keep the journey feel intact in every possible manner.

Indeed, Karwaan banta gaya!

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