Inspiring People To Dream

Fanney Khan is a struggling singer who wants to make his daughter a big name in the music world. The film being a musical comedy, we designed our campaign around music. From the teaser itself, we created the musical milieu as it had the protagonist playing a musical tune. It set the tempo of the film and created a curiosity among the audience. This was followed by a trailer launch where we introduced the characters and gave a glimpse of the film. We launched the first song ‘Jawaan Hai Mohhabat’ with a contest ‘KiskeBinaNaHogaGuzaara’. In the lyrics ‘Jawaan hai Mohhabat, haseen hai Nazara’, we had asked the users to replace the word ‘Mobbabat’ with someone special’s name in this line and tag that person to show their love. This activity got a lot of interaction. For another song, Acche Din, the term ‘ache din’ is quite popular so we launched this song with a countdown and launched it with a motivational note. This one is a motivation for all the dreamers out there to never give up, as #AchcheDin sabke aate hain! A contest around the theme of the movie, #MainBhiFanneyKhan required the users to share the story of their real-life Fanney Khan on our social media page through photo or video or comments. This way we were able to build a community of Fanney Khans and people were able to relate to the film. Overall, the film as well as the campaigns got appreciated by the critics as well as by the audience.

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