It Was All About Sale

All About You held a sale on all the outfits from the Spring/Summer’18 collection from the 6th of June till the 7th of June. A minimum of 50% discount was offered on most items from the collection. Our objective was to boost brand sales and hence, we created awareness about the sale through heavy promotion on Instagram stories. The latest styles from the collection with discounted rates were also promoted through posts on all three platforms.

On the 6th of June, the day of the sale, two videos showcasing ethnic and western styles respectively were posted on all three platforms. We created stories to support the posts were shared on Instagram and Facebook. A launch post featuring Deepika Padukone was posted on the day of the sale followed by a sale announcement post.

On the 7th of June, album posts were posted on all platforms showcasing the ethnic and western outfits on sale with a last call message. 3 Instagram sponsored stories were used to boost awareness regarding the sale along with 2 carousel ads (Ethnic and Western).

#AllAboutSale was used throughout and successfully generated a potential reach of 329,374 and successfully contributed to brand sales. The campaign reached 329K people in a span of 2 days post which the number of followers have increased by over 750 in total. The campaign posts got a viewership of 145K on all platforms together.

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