Babbar Ka Tabbar And Zero Kms Make It Big

Zee 5 is one of the budding OTT platforms in India, and with the variety of original content they are launching, they are definitely on the top! In June 2018, we got to promote 2 shows for this platform. Read on to know what we did!

Babbar Ka Tabbar

Zee 5 recently launched a show called ‘Babbar Ka Tabbar’. It is about the bittersweet relationships in a family, involving cool parents, smart kids and a tenant who never pays the rent.

We devised a campaign for this that took off with creatives being pushed out. These focused on the difference between the lingos of parents and kids. These acted as the countdown for the trailer. Post the trailer release, we pushed the character card GIFs of the family and the tenant.

For sustenance, we started with the activity called ‘Tag A Traitor’ wherein the users would be required to tag a friend with the trait that’s mentioned in our GIFs.

Zero Kms

‘Zero Kms’ is another series on ZEE 5. It revolves around human trafficking. To make the show popular on social media, we began with the buildup for the #IAmZero activity wherein we shared the traits of a victim and the trafficker. The creatives were hard-hitting, and the post copies revolved around how to find such people and help them.

Later, we started off with the activity itself wherein the star cast and a couple of other celebs pushed out the creatives along with us, asking people to start supporting #IAmZero and stand against human trafficking.

Both these series have had an outstanding reach, and the digital marketing that has been done on Zee 5’s digital platforms has significantly upped their subscription rate.

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