Winning The Digital Chunaav

A political thriller with a hint of romance, Daas Dev is a movie that will make you question thought processes behind each strategy. Being all excited for this movie, this is what we pulled off!


On 5th April 2018, we released the extended look/trailer of Daas Dev. Due to a push in the release date of the movie, we subscribed to the idea of sharing another trailer. The intention here was to show that the journey is not over yet. Post that, we pushed the hygiene dialogue promos and creatives, in turn enhancing the engagement we got.

Following the trailer, we released the Daas Dev Rap Song on 9th April. The song was sung by Sudhir Mishra & Saurabh Shukla and encapsulated the essence of the film. In an interesting way, this song helped us reach out to the audience.

With a gap of 2 days, on 11th April, we launched the next song called ‘Rangdaari’. Sung by Arko Pravo Mukherjee, the theme of this song was gothic. In order to promote the song, we have followed the same theme in our creatives too. Various video cuts and lyrical videos were also shared on the movie’s page.


We executed the #DuetWithRicha activity wherein the audience had to share their musically duets with Richa Chadha. The winner would get to go on a virtual date with the actress herself. This was slated to be executed through an Instagram Live.


On 19th April 2018, we started our next big activity, which was called as the #DigitalChunaav. This activity was executed by introducing the nominees, followed by the characters. We used slogans to ask for votes and held a poll on Facebook on the last day of the activity. The prize for the one who won the poll was that he/she could give away 20 tickets to the people who votes for him/her.


The on-ground promotional activities were amplified on all digital platforms. As we approached the release, we held a small activity on Twitter for the fans in association with ‘Ultra Max’ called as the #UltraMaxRapidFire. This involved questions related to the movie.

The movie finally released on 27th April 2018. Post the release, we engaged in review management wherein we shared review cards, GIFS and videos by various influencers and portals. Overall, this movie was a success and definitely one of the most strategically forward films Bollywood has ever had!

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