The Hum With The Dual Tonality

A story that boasts a compilation of three generations, three stories and three perspectives, ‘Hope Aur Hum’ is the kind of movie that will lift your spirits and light up your day. This film taps on hope, which is what we cling on to when we have nothing else to rely on.

To promote this movie on social media, we followed the strategy involving dual tonality. Since the youngest character in the movie was Anurag (Anu aka Vice Captain), we decided to direct Twitter entirely in his tonality. To suit his tonality, we customized our buildup posts to be in the form of boomerangs, video bytes and countdown creatives. The idea here was to portray the excitement and nervousness of the 8-year-old Anu. On the other social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram, we stuck to the movie’s tonality, formal yet connecting.

On 23rd April, we launched the trailer for ‘Hope Aur Hum’ on T-Series’ YouTube channel, later cross-promoting it on Facebook through our handle as well as the handles of our PR partners. For the release of the trailer, we held an event and furthered the release with LIVE tweets, Insta stories, Insta LIVE and Facebook LIVE. We followed this up with trailer reviews from various portals and influencers as well.

On 26th April, we launched the title song of the movie, which relives the happy moments of a family. We stuck to our social media routes of the Anu tonality on Twitter and movie tonality on other platforms, and pushed the countdown creatives. This song explored the simple portrayal of human emotions through the intertwined lives of the whole family.

The audience connected to our social properties, leading us to get good traction. The most impactful of all was the Twitter tonality as it generated majority of the conversations.

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