The Audience Got To Hatch The Trailer

The teaser of the most-awaited comeback made a lot of noise last month. To continue the momentum on the digital platforms, we decided to launch the trailer of ‘102 Not Out’ in a unique way. We created a digital platform for the film wherein the users would be instructed to poke an ‘egg’ and keep at it until it hatches, thereafter launching the trailer of the film. This was a user-engagement-driven trailer launch activity and increased the amount of conversations around the film, the trailer launch being the talking point for every portal.

How did we crack digital?

The idea here was to get the fans and followers to launch the trailer of ‘102 Not Out’ on social media. The users were asked to participate in the activity by Amitabh Bachchan and they were asked to go on and break the egg on a microsite by logging into their social media accounts. We got above 17K entries within 10 minutes of the launch of this activity. With a combined total of 1,001,786, the website garnered a huge number of clicks within 23 hours. The number of users and clicks were at a significant hike even at odd hours like early morning and midnight, which only goes on to prove how amazing the international outreach of this activity was. Towards the latter part of the activity, people were getting anxious and impatient as they wanted to watch the trailer as soon as possible. The activity was also picked up organically by a large number of portals.

With so much buzz and excitement about the #HatchThe102NotOutTrailer activity, we’re geared up to hatch more exciting campaigns for this hilarious movie, featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor in lead roles!

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