Nailing Multiple Languages

Fox Star India is one of the elitist production houses in the country. With multilingual trailer launches for ‘Deadpool 2’ and the #DoOrDie activity for ‘Red Sparrow’, this production company has surely stolen many hearts!

  1. Deadpool 2

Our very own wisecracking mercenary Deadpool is all set to make a comeback this May. No need to mention the excitement this superhero has aroused!

For this exciting release, we decided to launch the movie’s trailers into four different languages.

We launched the English trailer on 22nd March 2018, which created a buzz all around the world. It was trending 1st on YouTube within 24 hours of its release and trended for around 3 days. On Twitter and Facebook, it was trending at the number 2 and number 1 spots respectively.

Soon after the release of the English trailer, we launched the Hindi trailer on 26th March 2018. Taking the internet by storm, it was a bigger hit than the English one. The trailer trended for 4 days on YouTube and became the most viewed Hollywood-dubbed trailer ever with over 6M views.

To engage the south, we launched the trailer in Tamil & Telugu on 29th March 2018. Both these trailers brought in a lot of engagement.

Overall, these multiple trailer launches were a huge hit!

  1. Red Sparrow


A movie about a ballerina with a dead career, ‘Red Sparrow’ is the story of a woman who joins the sparrow school and learns to use her body as a weapon for deception.

For this movie, we did the #DoOrDie activity. Our aim here was to engage the audience in solving puzzles, decoding messages and deciphering jumbled words, considering that the theme of the movie revolves around that.

We conducted #DoOrDie across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and this activity proved to be one of the most engaging. Having been run for two days, the activity got a total reach of 50K, total impressions of 67K and a total engagement of 2K. Despite the fact that the activity wasn’t followed by a gratification, the #DoOrDie activity was huge.

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