Bas Ab Bahut Ho Gaya

An initiative by the Population Foundation Of India (PFI), #BasAbBahutHoGaya is a grand campaign that has been majorly undertaken to mobilizing the youth to address issues around gender-based violence (GBV), particularly violence against women and girls (VAWG).

Why We Did It!

To change the perception of gender-based violence particularly among the youth.

How We Did It!

The ‘Bas Ab Bahut Ho Gaya’ campaign is a video campaign that aimed to endorse a behavior change via communication interventions on digital platforms.

For this campaign, we planned to upload 2 videos this month. But right before that, we uploaded the poster & teaser for buildup a day before the film launch on all the platforms of PFI. Additionally, we also did a WhatsApp blast that led us to reach 2 lakh people!

In total, we reached out to 972K users on Facebook. With a total of 928K impressions on Twitter, we received 509K views on YouTube with a flourishing engagement.

  1. Varnika Kundu

A DJ by profession, Varnika has to work late nights. One night she was stalked while she was in her car.
In fear, she attempted to save herself. But had a cop not been around, she would probably not be in a
position to tell her story.

The government decrees 5 years of jail time for the offense of stalking. However, the offenders got out
within 5 months as they had political connections. Despite going through all this, Varnika’s bravery and
the way she has managed to get herself out of this traumatic incident is commendable.

On Facebook, this video got a reach of 620K, total 258K views, and 2.8K reactions. On Twitter, it got 3.4K
likes and 747,322 impressions. On YouTube, it got 281K views.

  1. Barkha Dutt

Famous journalist, writer, anchor, Barkha Dutt firmly believes that our society has kinks such that we are
conditioned to make violence an acceptable routine. With PFI, she opened up about how she was
molested as a child in her own home. It is natural for a child to feel it’s their fault when something like
this happens in the comfort of their own home. Finally, Barkha says that abuse has an odor, and only
speaking up is going to make it go away.

On Facebook, this video got a reach of 353K, total 156K views, and 2.8K reactions. On Twitter, it got 36K
views and 181K impressions. On YouTube, it got 228K views.

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