Advertising Could Not Get Any More Relevant!

Striving to make a change, YES FOUNDATION goes an extra mile with YES! i am the CHANGE (YIAC), with a platform to use films as a storytelling medium to drive social impact. Since it was an ongoing campaign, we incorporated innovative methods of online marketing to raise awareness about the campaign.

Being flooded by information on every medium, how do we ensure that our content grabs attention? Hence, we decided to do something that would make sure that our content reaches the targeted audience in a relevant way. We took customized advertising of YouTube ads to the next level!

What is YES! i am the CHANGE?

YES! i am the CHANGE is a nationwide mindset transformation program to inculcate the spirit of responsible youth citizenship and drive positive social action through the impactful medium of films.

For this, YES Foundation invite Youth, Filmmakers, NGOs and Social Enterprises to participate in YIAC Social Filmmaking Challenge to depict stories of change of NGOs, Social Enterprises and Everyday Heroes. Also, NGOs and Social Enterprises with sustainable and scalable social projects shortlisted from the film entries are eligible to win grants worth INR 7.5 crore along with capacity building and mentoring support for 3 years.

Taking targeted advertising up a notch!

We used Vogon, a unique tool used to display relevant messaging to targeted audience based on their content preferences. The tool allows for multiple customized videos of the same ad, presenting fresh opportunities for brands to advertise to target audiences with more relevant messaging.

To execute the campaign, We segregated the ads according to various target audience categories and used a single template with various copies that are targeted towards the said target audience categories.

We received an overall impression of 6.7M for the YES! i am the CHANGE Vogon ad campaign.






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