When The Party Went Down Town!

BeingU Music’ is a boutique record label dedicated to promoting independent music and nurturing talents from across the globe. In January 2018, they released Dr. Zeus, Zora Randhawa & Fateh’s single ‘Nakhra Nawabi’. Our share in Punjabi audience is pretty large, and we wanted this song launch to be extraordinarily thrashing. So here’s what we did!

  • We started by doing a build-up to the song and releasing the poster for the same.
  • Post this, we launched the teaser, followed by the actual song launch.

After executing this, following were the results we got to!

  • The song was very well-received by the audience and the Punjabi groove made it to the dance floor. In fact, it created waves with 6 million views in 24 hours.
  • The song got a lot of positive traction from the listeners and fans, and as per their reviews, they found it very catchy with superb beats and music.
  • Zeus and Zora Randhawa’s collaboration for this song was the most-talked-about topic, and the rap lyrics, along with the video’s international approach, were particularly appreciated.
  • The current number of views for ‘Nakhra Nawabi’ are above 22 Million and counting.

    Click here to listen to this song!

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