Launching The Brand As The One-Stop Shop For All Things Auto Parts

We all love our cars. Don’t we? But with so many alternative options to choose from, how often do we choose original or genuine products for our automobiles? Hyundai Mobis India is an Automotive Parts manufacturer that aims to accelerate the life of your car by offering top-quality products, technologies and services for your Hyundai car. Having a strong presence in the global market as the sixth largest global automotive parts suppliers, Hyundai Mobis India was all set to start its journey on social media as well. We launched Hyundai Mobis India on social media platforms to establish it as a genuine Hyundai Auto parts and accessory provider on the digital map.

How did we start the journey for Hyundai Mobis India?

  • We launched Hyundai Mobis on January 26th, 2018, highlighting Republic Day’s importance and connecting it to our brand.
  • We established in our communication that Mobis and Hyundai are connected to each other and every auto part in a Hyundai Car is genuine by Mobis. Hence the hashtag communication was #HyundaiGenuineByMobis.
  • We started fan-acquiring ads on Facebook and Twitter on 29th of January.

How far did we come along by the end of January? 

Having launched the brand on the 26th of January on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the brand received a warm welcome on social media. The Facebook family of the brand comprised of 650 people before the launch and more than 5,000 people by 1st February. The twitter family also grew to about 1,000 followers

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