Eliminating Name-Calling

“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.” – Napolean Hill

Living in the fast-paced world, we no longer think before speaking. Starting 2018 on a positive note, we took a personal approach for The Live Love Laugh Foundation with the campaign #NoNameCallingWeek.

  1. What was the #NoNameCallingWeek?

The #NoNameCallingWeek showcased a series of posts displaying WhatsApp conversations in a GIF format. The conversations highlighted the way we call names to people without thinking and further suggested alternative ways to speak about someone and being sensitive. The objective of the campaign was to eliminate name-calling and encourage people to #ThinkTwice before hurting people through words.

  1. The #NoNameCallingWeek received great engagement!

This was a creative led campaign. For this campaign, 5 GIFs were published which received great engagement. The campaign received a good reach across all platforms and helped to enlighten people about thinking before speaking without hurting anyone’s feelings. We received a great feedback from our followers.

  Reach Engagement
Facebook 14,866 1,328
Twitter 18,910 743
Instagram 41,824 51,914
  75,600 53,985

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