An Evening For The Historic Art Of Kathak

Shalini Thackeray’s ‘Kalki Foundation’ and Pooja Pant Dance Company presented the cultural event ‘Rivaayat’, showcasing the mesmerizingly beautiful tradition of Kathak through recitals of Kathak exponents such as Aditi Mangaldas and Pooja Pant. The event celebrated the completion of 10 years of Pooja Pant School of Kathak and aimed towards inducing the interest of the youth towards the traditional art.

We ran a campaign for ‘Rivaayat’ to create awareness about the event and gain engagement & interactions in the online space through social media.


  • To create a digital marketing plan that would promote and potentially drive the audience for the event ‘Rivaayat’.
  • To create social media properties for Rivaayat (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and push the content till the day of the event.


To build awareness and buzz around ‘Rivaayat’, our strategy was to drive more interactions and reach a broader set of audience while targeting social media portals of dancers, dance schools, event pages etc. We also aimed at getting media partners on board who could push out stories about Kalki Foundation & Shalini Thackeray and create positive sentiments around the initiative.


The execution for this event happened in 3 stages namely, pre-event, day of the event and post-event.


  • At this stage we created social media properties for the event and posted introductory posts across all platforms to create awareness. We also tagged relevant pages and accounts, seeding on different dance groups on Facebook.
  • We shared posts of key influencers to gain reach and interactions across platforms. Posting creatives containing information of guests, performers and key influencers attending the event helped us reach out to our audience.
  • We posted countdown creatives for this event to gain attention and create buzz, in addition to posting newspaper articles of the event across all the platforms, as well as announcing our digital media partners. We also shared news articles of the event via digital media partners across all platforms.

Day Of The Event

On the day of the event, we released the event video and syndicated it across all the platforms. We also got key influencers to tweet & post about the event from their handles.


To promote the event further, we shared pictures of the event by creating an event album on social media. We also posted video byes of the guests and shared coverage and news articles from our partners’ portals.


The ‘Rivaayat’ campaign gained the desired reach, attention and engagement across all the social media platforms. The event was successful and attained a full house! With our digital support, we believe, this event shall do wonders every time it happens and goes on to become a tradition, sating the meaning of its name.

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