When The Queen Went To Paris

Mediente is a production house that is known for making entertaining and socially relevant films in multiple languages for audiences around the globe. Their current project is the south remake of the 2014 Kangana Ranaut starrer, Queen.

The movie will be released with 4 different names in 4 different languages in the south. The Tamil version called ‘Paris Paris’ stars Kajal Aggarwal, the Kannada version called ‘Butterfly’ stars Parul Yadav, the Malayalam version called ‘Zam Zam’ stars Manjima Mohan, and the Telugu version called ‘Queen Once Again’ stars the Baahubali actress, Tamannaah Bhatia.

The Tamil & Kannada remakes will be directed by Ramesh Aravind while Telugu & Malayalam remakes will be directed by Neelakanta Reddy. The remakes also mark the southern debut of composer Amit Trivedi.

We love the idea of remakes that are made simply because no part of the population misses out on the amazing story.

Therefore, for these 4 versions of the movie, we ran the ‘Phase 0’ campaign via the production house’s page, that is, Mediente’s page. To keep the momentum going, we continuously put out behind-the-scenes content, PR coverages, glimpses of shooting schedules etc.

As a part of the promotional campaign, we also took a few of the top portals’ journalists to France where we did a Facebook Live with all four actresses together. The Live showed all four #QueenRemake actresses coming together in one frame for the first time ever; this received 558K+ views and over 3400 comments. 15 leading digital portals including The Indian Express, Pinkvilla, & Chennai Patrika carried the conversations from the Facebook Live. The hashtag we used was #QueenRemake and its potential reach was 22.5 million.

We are very sure that all these Queen remakes will land the crown, and we hope to keep supporting them digitally!

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