The Next Gen Verna Launch – An Intelligent Campaign For An Intelligent Design

The Hyundai Verna with its futuristic design gives you the dynamic performance you want. This is the very feature that makes it intelligent by design.

We executed the Hyundai Verna Launch Lead Generation Campaign this August, which comprised of digital lead generation for the booking of the Next Gen Verna both prior and after the launch. We also covered the launch event on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Below are our success parameters!

  • We reached out to over 21 million users out of which our Facebook reach totaled to 10.1 million.

  • The potential reach of the hashtag #NextGenVerna was 24.96 million.

  • With a total of 500K Impressions on Twitter, we had 500+ Retweets.

  • The Lead Generation Campaign reached out to about 10.8 million Facebook users and also generated 26,876 enquiries for the booking of the Next Gen Verna.

  • We reached out to our TG on YouTube as well, thereafter generating a total of 8.4 million views with a flourishing engagement.

  • The video content was further popularized by PR outreach through NDTV, TOI, ET, Express Drive etc.

  • As an outcome, Hyundai Next Gen Verna received more than 7000 bookings within 10 days of its launch.

Impeccably designed, The Next Gen Verna provides the perfect balance between sporty elegance, irresistible power and sleek profiling that brings about a charismatic effect. Thankfully for us, we got a chance to drive through the digital world with this amazing brand. Kudos to Hyundai!

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