Editorial Opinions That Give Profits


BTVI is one of the elite business news channels in India. Recently, the channel went through brand revamping, wherein it changed its logo. In order to launch the new brand identity, introduce the channel’s editorial strength and promote the channel positioning of ‘Profit From Our Opinions’, we launched a brand campaign for BTVI’s digital viewers.

Because the idea behind this campaign was to highlight the level of expertise BTVI’s anchors bring to the table, we started off with anchor creatives. These included creatives with impactful statements about the anchors so as to highlight their area of expertise.

A total of 14 posts and tweets were rolled out in the form of videos, GIFs and static creatives on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Following are our success parameters!

  • On Facebook, the posts achieved a total reach of 7,568 with 14,637 total impressions. We engaged a total of 925 users, and bagged 1,277 total post consumptions & 2,629 total video views.

  • The top performing post on Facebook was the Pronoy Nath Banerji profiling video with a total reach of 2,784, 13 likes, 11 shares and 1,303 video views.

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  • On Twitter, the tweets achieved a total of 53 retweets, 86 favourites and 2 replies with 32,076 total impressions and an average engagement rate of 1.8%, which is the highest engagement rate that has been seen on Twitter over the months.

  • The top performing tweet was a video featuring 5 anchors with 10 retweets, 12 favourites, 3,539 total impressions and anengagement rate of 2.4%.

It is only a matter of time before BTVI will become your prime mode of business news. From cities to towns, the channel is already gaining popularity. With our digital support, this channel will soon claim more and more attention spans!

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