When Social Media Caught A Sniff Of Kaalakaandi

Kaalakaandi is a story where fates intertwine, destinies bump into each other, resulting in chaotic ironies, only for the order to be restored by a beautiful stroke of poetic justice.

For this thrilling, explosive dark comedy, we started by creating a buzz on all the social media pages. We pushed the Kaalakandi teaser through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Kaalakaandi is basically a Marathi slang term for when things go disastrously wrong. However, since this term is not widely known, we launched the #WhatIsKaalakaandi strategy wherein we explained the meaning of Kaalakaandi. This activity got us a huge number of likes along with the review cards, dialogue cards, memes and GIFs we used to push the teaser.

To increase the engagement even further, we initiated the #KaalakaandiWhatsapp conversation, which was basically a conversation between two friends that led to Kaalakaandi.

The Kaalakaandi teaser gained 4 million views in just 5 days and was trending as #5 on YouTube. It also received 580k views on Facebook.

Overall, the teaser got good reviews from top portals like Pinkvilla, Zee News, MenXP, Deccan Chronicle, Times of India, The Indian Express etc.

Pinkvilla further said, “Kaalakaandi is surely going to be a treat for you”.

We are very sure that when the movie finally releases on the 8th of September, 2017, it’s going to make every movie sound like Kaalakaandi.

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