Turning Pages For A Good Cause

Teach For Change is an initiative headquartered in Hyderabad with an objective of improving the overall literacy standards at Government schools. Currently it is active in 100 schools across Hyderabad, Chennai, Vijaywada and Bengaluru. Recently, Teach For Change decided to organize a Book Collection Drive Event, which involved invitations to donate a variety of books that could be useful to children.

Here’s what we did to make this event a success!

  • We created a campaign prior to 10 days of the Book Collection Drive Event.

  • Every three days the Facebook cover was updated with new creatives.

  • Everyday postings related to the campaign with creatives were posted on social media.

  • Any queries and calls that were received regarding the event were replied and responded to.

The event was a huge success and a good 5000 books were donated. Teach For Change has definitely gotten a few steps ahead when it comes to bringing about a change!

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