Apes And The Kingsman Gun It For Power

Fox Star India did some major gunning this month with a Kingsman and Apes, and boy, are we glad to be the one giving it the digital push! Here’s what we pulled off!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer


Kingsman has been one of the most awaited spy sequels. We launched the trailer and these are the results we got to!



77,485Reactions, comments & shares

War for the Planet of the Apes

Being one of the most thrilling series in the history of science fiction, we released two posters for ‘Not All Heroes are Humans’. Here are our success parameters!

Poster 1

Poster 1



634Reactions, comments & shares

Poster 2

Poster 2



571Reactions, comments & shares

In addition to that, we also held a Twitter Contest called #WarForThePlanet wherein users had to answer movie related questions to win the contest. This is what we got to!

Twitter Contest


121,166Total Impressions

11,052Total Engagement

7,557,467Potential Reach

This is one production company that is set to make it big on the big screen, and we are glad to continue being a part of it!

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