Create a word of mouth campaign around the legacy of Thackeray. Key points to focus on were his values, conviction, courage, power, controversy and utilize the credibility of the star cast

  • Everyone knows Balasaheb Thackrey but not many people know his struggles, deeds and journey. Our objective was to market the film in a way to create intrigue around the untold story of the Tiger of India. We went for PAN India appeal and promoted the film in two languages i.e. Hindi and Marathi, to cater to the mass audience

  • Launched the trailer via Thunderclap and partnered with Carnival Cinemas to open Shiv Vada Pavstalls in selected theaters with the branding of the film to promote the film

  • Associated with famous personalities like Sachin Tendulkar, Jackie Shroff, Dr. Jalil Parkar, Suresh Wadkar for the video campaign called #IMetThackeray where they shared their memories and stories of meeting Balasaheb Thackeray

  • The purpose of #IMetThackeray was to generate digital conversation and cater the fan-base of the renowned personalities across various industries

  • The videos created a stir online and offline wherein the audience witnessed untold stories about Thackeray

  • The videos generated around 1.1 MN views on YouTube

  • Watch videos here:

Sachin Tendulkar

Jackie Shroff

Dr. Jalil Parkar

Suresh Wadkar

Ramesh Deo

Isaque Bagwan

Aaditya Thackeray

Siddharth Ovalekar

Dilip Vengsarkar

1.5M+Hindi Teaser Views
36.7K+Hindi Teaser Engagement
7.68M+Total Trailer Reach
31M+Hindi Trailer Views
620K+Hindi Trailer Engagement
180K+Marathi Teaser Views
3.5K+Marathi Teaser Engagement
4.7M+Marathi Trailer Views
81.3K+Marathi Trailer Engagement