sidharth malhotra x yodha


To transform Sidharth Malhotra’s image as an action packed ‘Yodha’ ', we launched a strategic campaign both digitally and through PR to boost engagement for him for his film Yodha, which premiered on March 15th.


We executed strategic digital and PR strategies for Sidharth, including fan activations, seeding conversations, and digital ideas, starting from the pre-release phase such as teaser promotions, trailer launches, song releases, and BTS action moments from the film, extending into the release day and post-release phases. Our unique marketing concept suggestions, like the Yodha comic book and a collaboration with PUBG, were considered and executed by Dharma Productions.


Our approach seamlessly integrated fan activation on digital spectrum and proactive PR, resulting in viral trends on Twitter around Sidharth within hours of the film announcement, which continued for a couple of days and weeks during all the 3 phases of the campaign. The campaign also led to higher engagement and reach across Sidharth's social media platforms, amplifying the connection between Sidharth and his supporters.