sidharth malhotra x indian police force


Sidharth Malhotra headlined "Indian Police Force, " Prime Video's biggest action series ever made in India. The series pays homage to the Indian Police force and packs intense action, suspense and thrill. The campaign saw massive fan and user engagement across digital and PR fronts.

  • Position Sidharth Malhotra as the quintessential action hero of this generation

  • Make Sidharth Malhotra’s web series debut and highly anticipated cop universe entry remarkable, while positioning it as the benchmark for action entertainers

  • Showcase Sidharth Malhotra as a versatile actor who excelled in portraying a cop

  • Through social media platforms, PR communications and fan pages, establish Sidharth Malhotra as the OG ‘Dilli ka Launda’

  • Activate various fan clubs to intensify conversations surrounding the character and coordinate fan-led initiatives

  • Strategically devise content to achieve maximum engagement across all of Sidharth Malhotra's social media platforms

Result :
  • Following the release of the teaser, excitement surrounding Sidharth Malhotra's entry in the highly-anticipated cop universe, and his adept portrayal in the role, was significantly amplified across digital and PR platforms

  • Attending the Umang event, Sidharth Malhotra humbly paid tribute to the bravery of the police force, and the event's highlights were extensively shared through his social media accounts.

  • A fan-exclusive screening was organized for the Indian Police Force trailer launch, with the event's highlights captured and shared across Sidharth Malhotra's social media accounts.

  • A carousel of pictures was shared on Sidharth Malhotra's social media, with the communication - #DilliKaLaunda, referencing the trailer and his Delhi roots. Subsequently, netizens and fans began addressing Sidharth as the OG 'Dilli ka Launda'

  • AI images featuring Sidharth Malhotra in various armed forces uniforms were created and populated among fans with the hashtag #MyHeroSid. This initiative showcased Sidharth's ability to effortlessly portray roles associated with the force. The activity garnered significant fan engagement

  • In celebration of Sidharth Malhotra's birthday, which coincided with the show's release day, a common display picture portraying him as DCP Kabir Malik was created and shared among fans. This played a central role in the birthday trend across different social media platforms

  • Post the successful release of Indian Police Force, we activated multiple positive conversations about Sidharth Malhotra through media including social and web

  • Created and populated Sidharth Malhotra centric relatable and trendy memes using clips from the series to generate awareness about its release

  • The campaign experienced a significant surge in fan engagement, establishing Sidharth Malhotra as the biggest action entertainer and one of the most versatile actors in the Bollywood industry. It sparked intrigue and stoked the audience's anticipation for the upcoming second season of Indian Police Force