Summary :

Nocturnal, the luxury loungewear brand, participated in the B-Town Fleaa at Jio World Garden, Mumbai. Nocturnal got a chance to connect directly with night owls who appreciate unique loungewear. B-Town Fleaa believes in giving businesses a platform to share their stories, and Nocturnal fits right in. It was more than just a marketplace – it was a cool mix of fashion, trend, and community support. The event showcased diverse products, and Nocturnal's participation gave the brand extensive exposure while highlighting its commitment to engaging with the community. It was a win-win, bringing fashion and business together in a fun and personal way.

  • To elevate the brand’s visibility by aiming to make a lasting impact in the community

  • A notable uptick in sales, strategically positioning the event as a lucrative platform for brand expansion

  • Fostering meaningful connections with the community on-site, and extending its digital reach authentically

Result :
  • On October 21st, an official Announcement Post, full of anticipation and excitement, was widely circulated to announce the upcoming B-Town Fleaa event

  • Emphasising the significance of the occasion, a dedicated announcement story was strategically posted on Instagram on October 21st, setting the stage for what was to come for Nocturnal

  • Building anticipation in the days leading up to the event, a visually captivating video story, including the details of the B-Town Fleaa, was posted on Instagram on October 27th

  • Fostering engagement and interaction, an Instagram story was posted on October 27th, employing the 'THIS OR THAT' feature, inviting the audience to express their intentions of attending the B-Town Fleaa

  • The B-Town Fleaa, was held over the course of two days, commencing on October 28th and concluding on October 29th

  • A novel engagement strategy was implemented through a custom-designed dice, each side featuring offers ranging from 5% to 25%. Attendees participated by rolling the dice once to unveil their exclusive offer, injecting an element of excitement into their Nocturnal experience

  • Nocturnal witnessed a commendable accomplishment at the B-Town Fleaa as between 180 to 200 pieces were sold

  • A series of behind-the-scenes snapshots from both Day 1 and Day 2 were shared, offering viewers an exclusive look into the workings of the B-Town Fleaa

  • In a strategic move to amplify the reach and resonance of Nocturnal, collaborative efforts were forged with influencers like Gyanendra Dubey, Gurleen Kaur, Paras Rupani, Luvash Ochani, and Disha Giri; during the B-Town Fleaa

  • The B-Town Fleaa witnessed visits to the Nocturnal booth by notable personalities, including Chhagan Bhujbal, Amit Thackeray, and Avinash Gowariker, adding to the allure of the occasion