mission startab


"Mission StartAB” is an original series on Prime Video which premiered on Dec 19. The show features 10 early-stage entrepreneurs mentored by three experienced investors: Kunal Bahl, co-founder of Snapdeal and Titan Capital; Anisha Singh, founder of She Capital and ex-CEO of MyDala; and Manish Chowdhary, co-founder of WOW Skin Science. Each founder faces tough challenges that put their entrepreneurial skills to the test, and the winner gets the chance to secure the deal of a lifetime- ‘India’s next potential unicorn’.

  • To promote Mission StartAb through these three investor’s individual social media platforms.

  • To promote the show as an excellent chance for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

  • Increasing the social media engagement for investors by sharing content about the show, curated for their individual handles.

  • Crafting unique personalities and voices for the investors to engage and resonate with their audience on social media.

Result :
  • Introduction: Before the release of the show, a video introducing these 3 investors as the ‘Asli Investors’ across their social media handles was pushed highlighting each of their personalities. Anisha Singh, Kunal Bahl & Manish Chowdhary

  • Post the show launch, as sustenance pieces, we did the following activities

  • On 23rd December, reviews / testimonials of the show on ‘why it is a must-watch show’ were published. For instance - Anisha Singh & Manish Chowdhary

  • On 31st December, the investors posted ‘Tips for entrepreneurs’ showcasing a still from the show and their tips for budding entrepreneurs.

  • Scene lifts: During the sustenance of the show, the investors posted their respective scene lifts, highlighting key moments with the founders Anisha Singh, Kunal Bahl (Ref 1 & 2) & Manish Chowdary (Ref 1 & 2)

  • Editorials such as dialogue cards were pushed highlighting motivational quotes from the show.

Meme Seeding:

The central theme of the show revolves around people pitching about their start-up ideas to the three investors which was harped on for our Meme marketing campaign. The Memes that were pushed out were relatable, witty and engage-able.

The total reach and engagement for the campaign was 5M+ across Instagram with 170+ posts on premium, Meme and fact pages.

Platform No. of Post Reach and Engagement
MEME PAGES 165 2769449
Total 177 5238009

Overall, the entire campaign garnered a total engagement of 106.9K+ across IG,FB,TW