khyber cement


Khyber Cement holds the title of the largest cement manufacturer in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, serving as an integral part of the Khyber Group. Founded by visionaries Dr. Gulam Rasool Tramboo and Mr. Haji Muhammad Maqbool Tramboo, and advanced by Mr. Umar Tramboo, the cement unit epitomizes excellence and innovation. They cater to homeowners, real estate builders, and contribute to community development in Jammu & Kashmir, embodying a shared vision of progress.

  • To activate brand presence across social media platforms

  • Strategically create a Pan-India brand presence before the launch of the new brand positioning and communication

  • To launch the new communication “Dil Se Banao” across digital platforms

  • To garner engagement and maximum growth for the brand through social media campaigns

  • To re-build the brand’s official website in alignment with the new positioning

  • To highlight the brand’s products through creative posts across social media

  • To establish a connection with the locals through creative and regional social media content and drive sales

  • 6 month before the launch, through the campaign “Sadiyon Tak Rahe Sath”, we activated the brand on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn through a 9 grid journey post highlighting their 35 year old legacy further reflecting on their growth and technological advancements that have established Khyber Cement as the biggest cement manufacturing player in the state of Jammu & Kashmir

  • With Kashmir's essence in mind, we crafted Urdu couplets reflecting the core values of Khyber Cement – strength and warmth. These verses depict the robustness inherent in every sack of Khyber Cement

  • Through a series of posts and stories, we reflected on Kashmir valley’s breathtaking beauty and their centuries old rich culture

  • Strategically introduced Kashmir’s local talents and athletes in order to connect with the local audience

  • Maintained a local tone in our communication to establish a robust presence and foster strong brand recall among the people of the valley

  • Through a series called ‘Monday’s At Khyber’, the work culture and ethics at the Khonmoh plant were highlighted across social media platforms

  • Through creative and aesthetic reels, we reflected the modern techniques of cement manufacturing that are used in the manufacturing plant

  • Highlighted various CSR initiatives taken by the brand for the upliftment and betterment of the community and the state of Jammu & Kashmir

  • Conceptualized and created visually captivating posts and reels, hinting at the arrival of something new and exciting

  • To unveil the new logo during the dealer meet, we devised a creative strategy. A massive banner roll cascaded from the fourth floor of the head office down to the second floor, revealing the new logo and the accompanying tagline, "Dil Se Banao"

  • Conceptualized and executed the content and design for the print ads and billboards

  • On the launch day, strategically released a visually appealing video across social media platforms, unveiling both the new communication strategy and logo

  • Further, the official TVC was pushed across social media platforms complementing it with a beautiful Urdu caption

  • Subsequently shared a captivating reel illustrating the celebratory moments as Khyber Cement’s employees embraced and marked the launch of the new logo

  • Syndicated PR articles on a Pan-India level to create hype about the new brand positioning and tagline

result :
  • Within the pre-launch period i.e., 6 months we enabled a 200% growth for the brand on Instagram

  • Through featuring the Jammu & Kashmir’s Olympic athletes on the Instagram story, we received organic sales enquiry from the athlete

  • The logo reveal post garnered an organic viewership of 2600 on Instagram and 1k on Facebook

  • The TVC reel garnered 371k views on Instagram