irfan (1967-2020): a retrospective


G5A is a non-profit foundation that merges culture, community, and city life. G5A’s black box theater monthly transforms into a Cinema House offering a collective experience with independent, regional, and contemporary cinema for a weekend celebration.


January's Cinema House revisits the actor's artistry in three chapters: early years, redefined love, and breakout roles. The celebration includes post-screening conversations with industry colleagues who admired him dearly.

  • Create awareness about the Irrfan Retrospective on Social Media

  • Generate hype and increase ticket sales for G5A's Irrfan Retrospective

  • Establish collaborations with various and organizations to enhance G5A's reach and impact

  • A consistent and engaging posting strategy to effectively enhance event visibility and drive more traffic to the page

Result :
  • To build recall and evoke a sense of nostalgia, scenes from Irrfan's movies like "Piku" and "The Namesake" were shared on socials, giving users a glimpse into his impactful work

  • A carousel featuring Irrfan's iconic dialogues was pushed and gained traction

  • Various artists' bytes, including a successful collaboration with Nikkhil Advani, were shared on social media

  • A Master Trailer showcasing intercuts of all the films scheduled for G5A was released, gaining 60,000 views across platforms

  • Real-time stories played a significant role in boosting audience attendance at G5A

  • Strategically posting on G5A's handle resulted in a growth of 1.2K followers in 15 Days