indian street premier league (ispl ) – season 1


The Indian Street Premier League is a transformative initiative designed to unite and showcase top tennis cricket talent in India. With a focus on identification, development, and promotion, the tournament provided a structured platform for emerging players, elevating the overall standard of tennis cricket in the country. By investing in grassroot development, the league also contributed to both immediate success and sustained growth in tennis cricket, shaping its trajectory in the world of professional Indian Cricket.

  • The primary objective was to increase social media visibility and engagement with the target audience.

  • The campaign aimed to encourage more players to register for participation in the ISPL - T10 league by effectively promoting the league's benefits and opportunities across social media platforms.

  • To raise awareness about the ISPL - T10 league, introduce all participating teams along with their owners and co-owners, and generate excitement surrounding the player auction by effectively showcasing the league's key stakeholders

Result :
  • Achieved 18 lakh registrations nationwide

  • Raised 1000 crore during the inaugural season

  • Initiated the ISPL 101 Scholarship

  • Attained over a million views and accumulated 250k+ followers on Instagram

  • Experienced maximum stadium footfall

  • Engaged celebrities consistently throughout the tournament

  • Unveiled emerging talent, Sharik Yasir (Amir), a 14-year-old player

  • Presented the story of Amir Husaain, a Kashmiri player, to inspire audiences