ek saath foundation


Ek Saath Foundation is an NGO built to cultivate an eco-friendly, sustainable world by planting trees, combating plastic pollution, and promoting reforestation. They aim to bridge the gap between humans and nature through grassroots education and awareness initiatives, fostering a deeper connection and collective involvement in environmental preservation.

Objective :
  • To boost the start of their initiative 'Human Nature'.  A t-shirt created with the purpose of being environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly.

  • Through strategic placement and engagement, the aim was to increase the target audience's awareness and recognition of Human Nature.

  • By collaborating with celebrities like Vaani Kapoor, Mouni Roy, Chitrangada Singh, etc. the aim was to build engagement and valuable insights and establish a positive perception towards the initiative.

Results :
  • The Human Nature campaign commenced with a pre-launch buildup on February 4th.

  • The official campaign name was unveiled on February 8th.

  • The campaign featured collaborations with several celebrities:
    Vaani Kapoor, garnering over 394K impressions.
    Mouni Roy, achieving over 730K impressions.
    Mithila Palkar, accumulating over 394K impressions.

  • This has helped boost the initiative’s value as well as Ek Saath Foundation’s brand awareness.