blooume immunity health camp

  • Blooume Homeopathy is a leading provider of homeopathic medicines in India. This case study showcases the success of a recent initiative conducted by Blooume Homeopathy - a free Immunity health camp for the residents of Machimar Nagar, Mumbai.

  • To create awareness about Blooume Homeopathy and build brand advocacy amongst the TG.

  • Machimar Nagar is a densely populated community in Mumbai, with limited access to healthcare facilities. Blooume Homeopathy identified the need to promote good health practices and provide healthcare services to the community especially at a time when the flu and other illnesses caused due to low immunity were on the rise in the city.

  • Conceptualise and execute a free health camp by Blooume at a key location in Colaba, Mumbai with the intention of providing aid to the underprivileged.

  • Partnering with local residents to mobilize the community and provide logistical support.

  • Offering free health check-ups and medicines to attendees to promote the benefits of homeopathy.

  • Amplifying the event on social media and PR to raise awareness and attract more attendees.

  • Blooume Homeopathy, spearheaded a commendable initiative - a free health camp in Machimar Nagar, Cuffe Parade on the 16th of March, 2023.

  • They provided over 500 residents with complimentary health check-ups and homeopathy medicines.

  • Specific emphasis was placed on strengthening the immune system.

  • The benefits of Blooume homeopathy in long term and affordable healthcare was touched upon.

  • There were live postings and testimonials shared from both the residents and the doctors and volunteers.


The Immunity health camp was a resounding success, with the following outcomes:

  • Over 500 attendees received free health check-ups and medicines, improving their health and well-being.

  • Social media and PR amplification reached over 80 Million people, generating significant interest and engagement.

  • Attendees expressed high levels of satisfaction with the camp, with many praising the quality of care and medicines provided.