12th fail


12th Fail is an inspiring true story of one man but is based on a million true stories. Highlighting the journey and the dreams of the common man. 12th Fail inspires, motivates and empowers. Based on that, the campaign of the film was divided into the following communications - Zero se kar restart and an inspirational story

  • To spread awareness about the real life challenges faced by UPSC aspirants

  • Strategically launch the key assets of the film to create a long-lasting impact

  • Activate various fan clubs for during the pre-release phase of each asset launch

  • To increase the footfalls in the theatres

Result :

Fans have loved the film and showed immense appreciation for the storyline They were observed already citing the movie as a blockbuster, superhit and relatable

A number of positive conversations surrounding Vikrant Massey's performance and acting skills were observed

Vikas Divyakirti has garnered immense love and appreciation from the fans as well

A number of positive conversations around how inspirational film is were observed

Numerous users expressed how perfectly the film portrays the real life challenges faced by UPSC aspirants

Behind-The-Scenes units, particularly those featuring Vikrant Massey, have garnered exceptional performance

Editorials centred on trending formats have worked well, gaining high traction