inspiring people to be the change

YES Foundation is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of Yes Bank. It is a bank that has a deep-rooted focus on sustainability and through its ‘Responsible Banking’ pillar, it has been working towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development.

In their recent campaign YIAC (YES! I am the Change), Yes Foundation made an attempt to inculcate the spirit of responsible youth citizenship and drive positive social action through the impactful medium of films. They invited Youngsters, Filmmakers, NGOs and Social Enterprises to participate in YIAC Social Filmmaking Challenge to depict stories of change of NGOs, Social Enterprises and Everyday Heroes.

Being flooded by information on every medium, it was difficult for us to ensure that the content grabs attention. Hence, we decided to do something that would make sure that the content reaches the target audience in a relevant way. We took customized advertising of YouTube ads to the next level!

  • Digital Marketing
  • To create awareness about YIAC and get more people to participate in this program.

  • To establish YIAC as a platform that builds continued resource as funding pipeline for social purpose organizations.

  • Devise a campaign that is attention-grabbing.

  • Produce contextual content in order to make it relevant for different kinds of audience.

  • Design the campaign in a way that it reaches the relevant audience in the relevant manner.


As a part of YIAC, YES FOUNDATION followed a differentiated approach focusing on the innovative usage of media and acted as a force multiplier by engaging in various digital activities. Apart from this, we designed a bumper video ad campaign for the same. The 6-second ads or the short snippets are meant to complement the broader messaging and help extend the reach of the campaign. The campaign was introduced to reach more customers and increase awareness about the brand with the usage of short, memorable messages.

The campaign allowed us to produce multiple customized videos of the same ad so we could advertise to target audiences with more relevant messaging. To execute the campaign, we segregated the ads according to various target audience categories and used a single template with various copies that were targeted towards the said target audience categories.

  • In 20 days, YIAC had estimated 1,818,182 impressions on YouTube. They exceeded their target by pegging in 6,941,419 impressions. They got more than 17,342 clicks on the ads.

  • YIAC had estimated 841,121 impressions on Facebook. This target was exceeded as they reached 3,096,314 impressions. They got more than 5,513 clicks on the ads.

  • Overall, the campaign was able to generate lot of awareness about YIAC and drive users to participate in this program to depict stories of change of NGOs, Social Enterprises and Everyday Heroes through the impactful medium of films.

  • We received overall impressions of 6.7M for the YES! i am the CHANGE Vogon ad campaign.

Digital Marketing

YIAC Buildup Countdown
A buzz was created about YIAC on YES FOUNDATION’s social media platforms by rolling out a series of YIAC creatives with countdown messaging.

Touch-and-Hold Buildup GIFs
By using a new feature of Facebook's mobile platform called ‘Press and Hold’, a GIF creative was created in the format of a Live Photo, announcing that YIAC is coming soon. This was to invite the youth for the OPEN CHALLENGE.

GIFs with challenge details
The main objective of these GIFs was to give the audience a brief understanding of the two challenges of YIAC viz. Open Challenge, NGO/Social Enterprises. These creatives had information about the challenge, the requirements & the gratification.

Influencer Quotes
There were creatives rolled out with the quotes of Rana Kapoor who is the founder and CEO of YES BANK and the Chief Mentor of YES! I am the CHANGE. The main objective of this creative was to showcase how YIAC is empowering the youth to become changemakers in the society. One of the creatives spoke about the role social development organizations play in India's development.

Step-by-step guideline creatives
To ensure that interested participants know the process of participating in YIAC, a series of creatives demonstrating a step-by-step guide for participation were created.

Helpline number creatives
Creatives were rolled out to promote the helpline number that the audience can contact in case they need guidance from professional filmmakers.

Pushed Bumper Ad Campaign of YIAC on YouTube and Facebook with the use of Google’s new innovative ad tool Vogon
Vogon is Google’s customizable targeted video ad tool for YouTube. Multiple 6-second video ads were rolled out to target various people based on their diverse range of interests. This helped YIAC reach individuals with a niche interest range. The main objective of using this tool was to generate maximum impressions for the YES! I am the CHANGE campaign. The advantage of this tool is that one can use multiple interests to target people with communication that matches their particular interest in order to increase awareness about the campaign.

  • This campaign ran for 20 days. These ads were played just before the video of the target interest group on Facebook and YouTube.

  • More than 10 videos were created with different interest groups.

  • These interests ranged from various categories like cricket, movies, music, gadgets and technology, Padmaavat and Padman (two movies which were the talk of the town during the campaign), photography and more.

All these activities impelled YIAC’s popularity amongst the users. Of all the digital media, YouTube and Facebook witnessed the maximum impressions.