Ethnix is a brand of Raymond dedicated to a collection of readymade Indian wear for men. The collection includes Sherwani, Indo Western, Bandgala, Bundi, Kurta with churidar, Jacket and Suits. Having been in the industry for 2 years, the brand wants to generate more awareness and craft effective messaging.

  • Generate maximum awareness about Ethnix in the most cost-efficient manner.

  • Establish Ethnix as a brand for all occasions and not just for formal Indian festivals.

  • Build an effective social media presence.

  • Craft effective messaging to build a strong positioning for the brand.

  • Bring more visibility to the online platform for the target audience.

  • Enrich the overall user experience through design and ease of navigation.

  • We created a contemporary look and feel for the website using subtle backgrounds that communicate the brand ethos.

  • We built a responsive website accessible over desktop, tablets & mobile.

  • Big bold typography, classic and clear communication was used to result in a modern and unique look and maintain a structure.

  • We used colors to accentuate and prioritize information and links.

  • Every page was created with a unique layout using the standard brand colors.

  • The website content was developed in a way that it highlights the various nuances of ethnic fabrics and designs.

  • We also showcased the videos from various programs that Ethnix conducted.

  • Built an active social media presence for the brand.

  • Developed an attractive and appealing website that communicates the brand philosophy.