A deadly superhero with a dark, twisted sense of humor – the perfect equation for a hilarious and action-packed superhero film! We knew that if we played our cards right, this one would be total aces! We made sure that once the movie hit the screens, it was a complete pandemonium! The American superhero flick ruled the India box office and performed better than a Bollywood film, in its opening week in India. Well, with everything in place, the movie simply had to ‘Wade’ its way through!

  • Social Media Marketing
  • This was not a regular superhero movie but one based on a smart-mouthed, fourth wall-breaking protagonist who wasn’t nearly as heroic as the characters usually leading these costumed adventures.

  • The main challenge was to introduce Deadpool in India & get people people talking about him

  • We created campaigns that featured a strong creative voice that was uniquely executed across all channels

  • Multiple YouTube trailers were released. These trailers were further utilized to promote the movie on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • The communication was designed to highlight the character’s humor and wit.

Digital Marketing


  • We decided to have some fun by creating a Twitter account with the handle “@Desi_Deadpool”.

  • The idea was simple – we had to make stuff go crazily viral, while tapping our Indian fans in a hilarious way!

  • With Desi-Deadpool, we hijacked various cultural events and trending hashtags in India. We gave a funny, Indian spin to the creatives and posts through various memes and hilarious situational updates!

  • Twitter Account -

  • Like we anticipated, the audience instantly fell in love with Desi-Deadpool and many portals like MensXP wrote articles about him, too! Amazing, isn’t it?

  • While the desi audience was already all cheers, the activity reached overseas, where the star-cast of the film interacted with the tweets as well by liking, re-tweeting and commenting on our posts! So much win!


#DubTheDeadpoolWay Contest

  • Apart from the amazing action sequences, fans also fell in love with Deadpool’s dark and twisted sense of humor.

  • So, after an amazing trailer launch, we did a fun Dubsmash activity called #DubTheDeadpool way, where fans were asked to dub the dialogues of Deadpool and send in their entries.

  • And boy, the fans took it to new heights altogether! Fans overloaded our timelines with hilarious one-liners from the trailers, and it was amazingly crazy!


#DeadpoolTine Contest

  • We asked our fans to share Deadpool-style proposal ideas, and man, those guys were bloody innovative!

  • The potential hashtag reach was 12,439,226

  • Top 10 influential participants were with more than 27k followers

  • The activity trended on Twitter for more than 4 hours!


Celebrity Screening

  • Before the movie released, B-Town celebs were invited to watch the movie and they couldn't stop talking about Deadpool!