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Population Foundation of India is a national non-government organization at the forefront of policy advocacy and research on population, health & development in the country. It recently embarked on the development of a trans-media (TV, radio, internet and mobile phones) popular culture serial that would address women’s issues, enhance knowledge, and change perceptions & attitudes on social determinants of health to eventually contribute to improving demand and access to quality reproductive health services in India. The title of the initiative is ‘Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon’ – ‘I, a woman, can achieve anything’.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • To create a social media presence for Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon.

  • To create micro-campaigns to highlight show-related issues and get more people to talk about them.

  • To impact lives of people by inspiring and educating them.

  • Today Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon is an established brand across social media platforms and has a growing fan base. The show has been well received and appreciated by its viewers and has become one of the top shows on Doordarshan. It’s also one of the world’s most watched shows with a cumulative reach of 400 million and still counting.

  • The creative content of the soap opera has informed and strengthened the masses by sixty positive deviance (PD) enquiries in target communities in four states – Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. PD is an assets-based approach, identifying what is going right in a community in order to amplify it as opposed to focusing on what is going wrong in a community and fixing it. The PD approach enables communities to discover the best practices & local wisdom, and then to act on it. The enquiries focused specifically on gender relations in the community, quality of care in reproductive health services, counseling and contraceptive use.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our strategy was to capitalize on the content of the edutainment series to reach maximum audiences. We aimed to bring in awareness about social causes while promoting show-related content. We created sharable and engaging content along with micro-campaigns to highlight issues, like:

  • Awareness about acid attacks

  • World Population Day & Family Planning

  • Women Right and Empowerment

  • Child Marriage

  • Pledge Campaign

  • Myths & More

We started with tagging relevant organizations who are also working on similar issues to get them engaged with our campaign as well. Some of the names include UNESCO, SAFECITY, WHO, The Red Elephant Foundation, etc. who over the period of time started engaging with us as well. Interaction with such organizations helped us to further expand our reach.

While promoting MKBKSH on our social media platforms, we did advocacy for various issues supported by Population Foundation of India which included AIDS awareness, safe sex, health & nutrition, gender equality etc. Weekly themes were maintained and dedicated to one issue at a time and content around it was put out. Keeping in mind the special days in the yearly calendar, a weekly plan was maintained to continuously engage the audience on digital properties, which included video content, show related updates, contests and some real-life case studies. For this, we used the relevant hashtags to go with the content theme.


Keeping in mind the special days in a yearly calendar, a weekly plan was maintained to continuously engage the audience on digital properties; which included video content, show related updates, contests and some real life case studies. We used relevant hashtags to go with the content themeIn terms of innovation, we used various interesting hashtags for running campaigns around special days. Some of the most popular ones include as below:

The hashtags that fetched us the most success are as follows:

  • #TalkAboutIt campaign around World Population Day

  • Acid Attack Awareness – #ANewLife and #StopAcidAttacks

  • Family Planning – #PlannedFamily and #PlanBetterNow

  • Woman Empowerment – #WomanOnTheMap

  • Child Marriage – #BalVivahRoko and #EndChildMarriage

  • Nirbhaya Documentary – #LightACandle

  • #TakeTheStage beyond #16DaysOfActivism


To generate better traction and engagement to our page, we also conducted some interesting contests as below:

  • GIFs
  • Puzzles
  • Guess he Character
  • True or False

Also, while MKBKSH was still airing, we would create teaser video clippings or image preview of the episodes going to be aired the same day were shared on social media properties to generate curiosity among the audience about the upcoming episodes. By the end of every week interesting contests were conducted in lines with the respective week’s theme.