Celebrating Two Decades Of Ghulam

Remember the song ‘Aati Kya Khandala’? We all have heard this song at least once in our lifetime. It is from the movie ‘Ghulam’, and we celebrated the movie’s 20th anniversary with Vishesh Films. Our aim here was to make the fans nostalgic about the film.

For this, we created an exclusive story on Ghulam and shared famous thrilling train stunts performed by Aamir Khan in the film. We revived the superhit chartbusters of the movie through a wish post by using the clips of top 3 famous songs of the movie that is still stuck in the minds of the audience. We also created a Ghulam poll post, asking the audience to vote for their favourite song from the movie to keep the celebration going on for the entire day.

We received a good engagement for this campaign. The posts were visually attractive and gave the fans a recall of the movie. The campaign received a total of 156 likes on Facebook, 603 likes on Instagram, and 88 retweets on Twitter.

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