Lust Stories That Make You Yearn

‘Lust Stories’ have set the audience on fire across the country. Exploring previously unexplored areas, this series is a total hit!

To boost this series on digital, we natively uploaded the ‘Lust Stories’ trailer launched by Netflix on 15th June. This gave the audience a glimpse of the anthology along with the release date information.

We followed this up with build-up posts for the trailer launch. We also created 2 ‘Out Today’ and ‘Out Now’ GIFs for the build-up posts.

Soon, we proceeded to launch the trailer. A trailer launch event was held for the same, and in order to engage the audience, we did an Instagram LIVE during the event while simultaneously live tweeting and live posting on Instagram. Also, we uploaded an album on our social media handles with images from the trailer launch event.

This campaign received really good traction and got 3.7+ million views on YouTube.

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