Celebrating 10 Years Of Jannat

‘Jannat’ is a movie that has given us great moments to live by, along with a story that we wouldn’t forget. On the movie’s 10th anniversary, we wanted to revive the powerful and spectacular journey of Arjun Dixit through a short video, talking about the twists and turns in his life and their impact on the minds of the audience. It spoke about his journey from being an ordinary man to a wanted criminal and his love story amidst this chaos. We wanted to remind the fans about this exact thrilling journey and create a recall of the movie by using short clips from the movie.

For this, we created an audio-visual video post as a wish post for one of the greatest crime romance films in Bollywood. Along with this, we also created one anniversary wish post and shot 2 exclusive celebrity bytes from the writer and producer of the film, Vishesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt, talking about the journey of ‘Jannat’ since 2008. In the video byte, Vishesh Bhatt spoke about how the idea of ‘Jannat’ came across and it’s execution as a movie, whereas, Mahesh Bhatt, in his video byte, spoke about why ‘Jannat’ remains a special film till date not only for him but for the fans as well.

For this campaign, we used the #10YearsOfJannat hashtag and posted all the 3 videos on social media. We received a good engagement rate for this contest. The posts were visually attractive and gave the fans a recall of the movie. The campaign received a total of 795 likes, 188 comments and 41 shares on Facebook; 375 likes and 23 comments on Instagram; and 205 likes, 105 retweets and 10 replys on Twitter.

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