Taking The E-Commerce Route For Dressing Men

Ethnix is a collection of readymade ensembles with an accessory solution to make every occasion memorable. Although the company has been in existence since more than 2 years, not many are aware of it, its offerings or even that Raymond has a brand dedicated to Indian ethnic wear.

So, to generate maximum awareness about Ethnix in the most cost-efficient manner, we decided to create a microsite. We started by discovering that all Raymond brands were featured minimally on the Raymond website. In order for the brand to gain more followers, it would have to communicate more and create a positioning for itself on its own.

Hence, we created a new microsite for Ethnix that would act as the destination for all our digital activities, digital being the most cost efficient medium to achieve our objective of maximum exposure.

We also established the Ethnix brand on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These social media pages were made to serve 3 main purposes:

  • To communicate the brand ethos.
  • To educate the consumer on various nuances of ethnic fabrics and designs.
  • To establish Ethnix as a brand for any occasion and not just formal Indian festivals.

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