It’s The Anniversary Month For Aashiqui 2 And Begum Jaan!

It was the month of celebration as Begum Jaan and Aashiqui 2 had their anniversaries, and both being produced under the banner of Vishesh films, we got the party started. Take a look!

We Tested The Fans For Begum Jaan’s 1-Year Anniversary

For the anniversary, we wanted to revive the powerful and impactful feel of ‘Begum Jaan’ movie in the minds of the audience, therefore we used the intense and plausible dialogues of the movie to create the recall.

We ran the #BegumJaanQuizContest on its first anniversary. Since the dialogues of the film were one of its highlights, the contest’s theme was to get the audience to complete the dialogues from the movie.

We received good engagement for the contest. The posts were visually designed to look attractive and to encourage the audience to take part in the contest.

The campaign received a total of 195 likes, 101 comments and 16 shares on Facebook, 521 likes and 85 comments on Instagram, and 568 likes, 284 retweets and 287 comments on Twitter.

We Got Everyone Nostalgic For Aashiqui 2’s 5-year anniversary

We wanted to celebrate the fifth year anniversary of the movie by reminiscing the reasons why ‘Aashiqui 2’ still touches our hearts and how the movie made us fall in love with the characters. It is considered as one of the most romantic Bollywood movies and we simply wanted to remind the audience about why we fell for the movie.

Aashiqui 2 has given us many reasons to remember the film, including the extremely strong characters and the heart-warming story and plot. Therefore, we created posts giving the audience ‘5 Reasons Why We Still Love Aashiqui 2’ and 1 post each on ‘Why We Love Aarohi Shirke And Rahul Jaykar’ from the movie.

Overall, campaign received a good response from the audience. The campaign has received 133 likes, 25 shares and 9 comments on Facebook, while it received 1,411 likes and 60 comments on Instagram, and 1,165 likes, 71 comments and 324 retweets on Twitter.

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