Giving More Power To The Silent Thriller

April month started off for ‘Mercury’ with articles from music composer Santhosh Narayanan about his music in the film, followed by Prabhudeva’s article on the challenges he faced while working for Mercury.

We launched the trailer of Mercury on 9th April from the legendary A. R. Rahman’s handle. The #MercuryTrailer was trending in India for hours and it crossed 3 million views. For sustenance of the trailer, we started the review videos and the #MercuryTrailer Contest wherein people were asked a few questions about the ‘Mercury’ movie in a span of 2 hours and 30 minutes. The contest received a lot of entries and three lucky winners received the ‘Mercury’ movie ticket as gratification.

The movie released on 13th April. The countdown creatives for the movie release started along with advance booking creatives. We got tremendous reviews not only form the fans but from many celebrities as well.

For every film, thousands and thousands of reviews come and go. But some… They stay. And they stay close to your heart. #Mercury got one such review! It was a review that came from differently abled people. It was in the form of a video where it was evident how mesmerized they were while watching this film. In sign language they communicated their happiness and how this film touched their hearts!

Mercury got a late release in Tamil Nadu. Therefore, to create a buzz around the film in the state, a promotional song was released before the film release. On 20th April, when Mercury was released in Tamil Nadu, director Karthik Subbaraj went live on Facebook with the cast and crew. Also, the legendary actor Rajinikanth tweeted his review of Mercury by congratulating the entire team of Mercury for making him watch this first-of-its-kind movie.

Overall, with our sizzling campaigns across digital platforms, we were able to generate enough noise for this silent film.

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