Cooking Up A Storm On Social Media

Wai Wai City is India’s first QSR noodle bar concept brought together by CG Corp Global, the multinational conglomerate behind one of the most iconic noodle brands – Wai Wai Noodles.  To take this up a notch, Wai Wai City expanded with quirky outlets in more cities.

The senior chefs in Wai Wai City believe that noodles are FUN CARB that anyone interested in cooking can use as a base and play around with, in terms of flavours/sauces/styles of cooking and more.

Keeping this in mind, the communication was crafted to suit the personality and tonality of the brand. We did a mix of online and offline activities that resulted in Wai Wai City trending on social media platforms.

Apart from creating a fresh Wai Wai City page on Facebook, we published the latest TVCs of Wai Wai City across digital platforms.

A New Look For Wai Wai City

In order to bring the brand closer to the consumers, we even revamped the existing Wai Wai City website and launched the app where we gave complete details about the outlets, menu, milieu, food images and more. The clutter-free smooth design with ease of navigation helped users to access any information easily. The website was built to be responsive for easy accessibility over desktop, tablets & mobile which ensured SEO for Wai Wai City and improved its ranking in the category of food outlets.

Here’s how we got Wai Wai City trending on digital platform!

  • We covered the Wai Wai City press conference live on Twitter which got us 23,300 impressions with an engagement of 1,115. We got about 16000 video views on Facebook and YouTube combined.
  • We also rolled out Instagram stories during the event.
  • We invited food-based Instagram influencers to Wai Wai City to leverage their social media presence. The Influencer-led activities on Instagram page helped us achieve 1.4 lakh impressions and 4,675 engagements. In fact, our Instagram influencer activity the hashtag #WaiWaiCity, was the 4th Twitter trend in India. This helped us in a staggering 86.3 million impressions with a reach of 7 million.
  • The event was amplified through digital PR.
  • The number of impressions and engagements on Facebook clocked in 1.9 lakhs and 4,433 respectively. The social media coverage of the event helped us in creating awareness and generate buzz in the food industry about Wai Wai City.

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