Women Take To The Wheel

A brand we all adore, Hyundai decided to take a step further this women’s day. They decided to break the stereotype and put women behind the wheel.

What we did to overtake gender inequality!

As believers of equality, we understand the importance of giving the steering power to women. Hence, we joined in and created an event on social media, inviting the female audience to the nearest Hyundai dealership for participating in a DIY session.

We also uploaded a video with a unique hashtag Women#Men and asked women to share a selfie while being in the driver’s seat.

What our acceleration led to!

Whether a campaign is impactful or not is judged by the results we get. This campaign gave us a lot of positive comments on Facebook and Twitter, totaling to 940. We also got a lot of selfies that women sent. This just assured us that whatever we were doing was working.

Through this campaign we reached out to 21M users on Facebook and got 4M impressions of Twitter. Our hashtag Women#Men trended on Twitter throughout the day. Overall, this campaign was a huge success, and we applaud women for being a part of it. We believe that this campaign has played a part in furthering the cause for gender equality.

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