Raid On Social Media And The Box Office

The blockbuster film ‘Raid’ created a lot of noise not just at the box office but also on social media. We generated anticipation and excitement the entire month to keep up with the momentum.

People Were Trained To Join The Army!

The first key highlight of the month was the launch of our activity called #BeAKhabri wherein we urged the users to become a ‘Khabri’ for the activity duration and guess the launch date of the upcoming Raid anthem, popularly known as ‘Black Jama Hai’. We received a tremendous response on the same, garnering a total of 136 entries over the course of 3 days.

The fan who guessed it right was given a shout out by Ajay Devgn himself on Facebook by announcing the launch date of the song, which was 5th March 2018. The song launched across all social media platforms and got appreciation from everywhere for its hard-hitting dialogues and powerful lyrics. It also went down as the trademark comeback song of Sukhwinder Singh.

To maintain the enthusiasm, we initiated user-generated activities such as #SaluteEverydayHeroes and #MyRaidArmy in the release week.

The plot of the film revolves around a high-profile raid that happened in Lucknow in the early ’80s and brings out the bravery of the people who conducted the raid. Keeping this narrative in mind, the users were asked to share an inspiring story of ‘heroes that don’t come in uniforms’ for #SaluteEverydayHeroes, whereas for #MyRaidArmy, the users were asked to share screenshots of their tickets and a picture of their army that they will be watching ‘Raid’ with.

The response was tremendous among viewers and we received a decent entry total of 55 for #SaluteEverydayHeroes and a total of 49 entries of #MyRaidArmy during the release week. Apart from this, countdown to release, dialogue promos, character cards, and cinema listings were shared consistently.

Positive fan review videos from cinemas, screenings, and critics review cards and videos were successfully leveraged 1 day prior to the release worldwide across all social media platforms.

This crime drama film has now made its way to the coveted 100-crore club by making a total of 100.14 crores. The film has surely raided love all over!

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