When Love Had A Pathshala

Vishesh Films is an Indian film production company owned by the brothers, Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt. It boasts of some of the most romantic movies of all times. Hence, in the romantic month of February, we decided to celebrate the season of love with them. For this, we ran a campaign!


  • To engage the audience by tapping into the sentiment of love.
  • To promote the romantic hits that are produced by Vishesh films.
  • To create engagement around the films across Vishesh Film’s social media properties.


For the ‘Season Of Love’ campaign, we activated various fan clubs around celebrities to create buzz around our posts. We also did several engagement posts and activities. Check them out below!

  1. #VFLoveAThon


Every once a week, we created and shared a video using some of the most beloved romantic tracks of Vishesh Films, asking the users to tag their special someone.

  1. #WhatsYourFridayAnthem


Every Friday, we did an engagement activity, asking users to pick their most favourite love anthem from the 3 options shared.

  1. #VFLoveKiPathshala


We spread the feeling of romance through popular romantic dialogues from some of the most romantic hits by Vishesh Films.


This campaign upped our numbers remarkably. We gained a total reach of 32,649 and an engagement of 3,560. Overall, this campaign was a total hit with the masses!

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