The Raid Is Here

Raid is a 2018 Indian period crime thriller, inspired by the real-life I-T raids that were conducted by the officers of the Indian Revenue Service in the 1980s.

On 6th February 2018, we launched the movie’s trailer for which we began the buildup a day prior. RAID Trailer Tomorrow trended for almost 9 hours all over India on 5th February. On the day of the trailer launch, #Raid trended on Twitter for almost 3 hours in India in the morning, and later, #RaidTrailer trended on the top for 3 hours on Twitter. We posted the images from the trailer launch event on all the social media properties to increase engagement.

The trailer was trending on No. 1 position on YouTube for almost 70 hours. It grabbed the eyeballs of 8 million users in just one day and bagged outstanding reviews. As of 8th February, the trailer got 15 million views and slowly accelerated to 20 million by 10th February. The same day, we launched the contest #RaidWithAjay wherein users had to share the trailer and upload screenshots of the same using #RaidWithAjay as well as tag ‘Raid’, the film. The contest ended on 11th February. We got around 80 entries for the same out of which 10 winners were selected and were assured a meet & greet with Ajay Devgn.

Shortly after the trailer, we launched the first song of the movie on 12th February. Known as 'Sanu Ek Pal Chain', a recreated version of 'Sanu Ek Pal', the song got 8 million views by 14th February and 10 million views by 15th February. We pushed the song using lyrical and review videos. The new and soulful version scored some amazing reviews.

The next song ‘Nit Khair Manga’ was launched on 20th February. It attracted 5 million eyes in a day. The reviews for the song were outstanding. The #NitKhairManga contest took place from 22nd February to 25th February and involved the users to tag someone and dedicate the song using #NitKhairManga. We received about 65 entries for this from which 3 winners were selected.

We are very sure that Raid is going to be a hit and that it shall generate an awareness about the concept of ‘Raid’ in general.

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