Launch Of The New Washing Machine Range Was #SimplyUnbelievable

With the launch of the new top load range of washing machines on 17th February, we made sure that it was #SimplyUnbelievable! The campaign #SimplyUnbelievable was introduced to digitally amplify and cover the launch of the Bosch top load range of washing machines. The objective was to create a buzz and build curiosity amongst the digital audience about the product launch and drive the audience to our social media platforms.

How did we make it #SimplyUnbelievable?

  • Live updates from all platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Facebook live done for the launch.
  • Instagram stories showing the series of events towards the launch, ending with the reveal of the product and launch.
  • Live tweets from the event, pre-function area, setup, the acts and the launch.

What stir did we create?

  • The digital coverage of the launch resulted in an overall positive impact for Bosch across digital platforms.
  • We received a lot of interaction on the page due to the live activities.
  • Instagram stories showed a promising reach with each post.
  • Facebook live garnered a lot of positive conversations and reactions from the users.
  • Live tweets showed an average of 15-20 likes with 4k-8k impressions per tweet, which is otherwise on an average of 4k-5k.
  • The influencer-led activity showed tremendous results with overall conversations of more than 3200 and a hashtag trend for 1.5 hrs.
  • The hashtag trended at No. 2 in India and Mumbai trends on Twitter.
  • A lot of influential people on Twitter were involved in the activity.
  • The campaign received a reach of 42k on Facebook and Instagram, 48k impressions on Twitter and 9k engagements across all platforms.

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