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Hyundai is one of the most beloved car brands of India. At Auto Expo 2018, Hyundai India set up the Hyundai Pavilion and set pulses racing with cutting-edge digital technology. The brand decided to engage users on social media platforms and create an innovative, interactive experience for visitors as well as the online audience who could not visit the Auto Expo 2018.


  • To promote the excitement and experience of the Hyundai Pavilion at the Auto Expo 2018 on Digital and generate engagement & positive word-of- mouth for the brand.
  • To garner maximum positive value for the brand across all digital channels and connect the users online through RFID bands.


Hyundai India had already made hall no. 3 its own experience hall at the Auto Expo 2018. To engage the audience even further, we covered the on-ground activities and launches initiated by the brand and added digital activities to that list.

At the pavilion, we had multiple zones. These included the Eco-Friendly Zone, Mobility Zone, Robotics Zone, Kona Zone, Award Zone, Sports Zone, Kids Zone, Road Safety Zone, and the JAI HO Zone

On-Ground Activities

The whole of Hyundai Pavilion was RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabled, thus, letting enthusiasts share their experience online on real-time basis. This was basically a wrist band that the users had to register via Facebook and was compulsory for everyone who wanted to play games and be involved in the various activities held on the ground.

Apart from this, a few more cars were lined up at the Hyundai pavilion that we displayed digitally. These included the Hyundai IONIQ including Hybrid, Plug-in & All Electric, WRC RN 30, WRC i20, Kona, and many other cars from the domestic line-ups.

Another thing Hyundai did was that it went all out with its on-ground activities all of which we covered digitally. Following is an overview:

GIGA Selfie

To keep up with the theme of ‘Experience Hyundai’, Hyundai introduced ‘GIGA Selfie’ first time in India to add ‘Brilliant Moments’ to the auto enthusiasts visiting Hyundai Pavilion. The ‘GIGA Selfie’ allowed the visitors to take a photo of themselves and the entire Hyundai pavilion.

Racing Motion Simulator

For those who love to be behind the wheel and feel the thrust of a powerful engine, the ‘Racing Motion Simulator’ offered visitors a truly powerful experience of being on a race track, behind the wheel of some of Hyundai’s best sports cars. In fact, the digital sports zone was equipped with a leader board, giving visitors a chance to keep winning exciting prizes.

Interactive Mind Goal Game

‘Mind Goal’ was a multi-player, digital football game that put visitors through the daring test of utilizing the power of just their mind by adorning Neurosky gears, which was a brainwave headset that facilitated visitors to score a goal against their opponent by simply using their focus.

Super Over And Virtual Header

As a young and dynamic brand, Hyundai is associated with BCCI and FIFA, and it has brought real-life experience on a Cricket Pitch and Football Penalty Shoot-Out through Virtual Reality. With that in in mind, the brand launched the ‘Virtual Header’, promising an immersive football virtual experience where visitors scored goals only through headers.

Flash Mob

Nothing excites the masses as everyone suddenly launching into a dance choreography. At the Hyundai Pavilion, the brand held a flash mob on the famous global hit ‘Gangnam Style’. As the song continued, the public that attended Auto Expo 2018 also joined in.

Launches & Line-Ups

  1. ELITEi20

Hyundai launched the New ELITE i20 at the Auto Expo 2018. This car has been the First-In- Segment Dual Tone Exterior Color Option that boasts of uncompromised safety. We covered this car launch on all platforms.

  1. Swachh Can

As an extension of the #BeTheBetterGuy campaign, the brand launched the Swachh Can. In every car Hyundai manufactures going forward, a can for garbage called the ‘Swachh Can’ will be installed in the car. This, again we covered on all platforms.

Online Activities

  • We covered the whole event of Auto Expo 2018 via Facebook and Twitter live.
  • We made sure that car videos were streaming across all platforms. Some even had a 360˚ overview.
  • User feedback videos were received, letting us know that the Hyundai Pavilion was being loved.
  • Instagram stories were posted and these alone generated a considerable reach of about 300K.
  • We created albums for the event. This included various launches and line-ups as well as an overview of the pavilion.
  • To promote Auto Expo 2018, we created an event on Facebook. This singularly generated a reach of about 1.5 M.


Hyundai India created exciting digital and social media engagement for the visitors at Hyundai Pavilion at the Auto Expo 2018 and made a remarkable digital presence.

  • Through this campaign, we reached out to 51+ Million users out of which our Facebook reach totaled to 37 Million. We also got 6.8 Million Impressions on Twitter.
  • We reached out to our TG on YouTube as well, thereafter generating a total of 12.6 Million Views and a flourishing Engagement.
  • We trended on TW for 2 days with a total of 15.7+ Million Reach and 24K Tweet mention.
  • Shah Rukh Khan for Swachh Can at Hyundai Pavilion trended on the 2 nd day of the Auto Expo 2018 on Facebook.
  • The content was further popularized by PR outreach through Times of India, Economic Times, Financial Express, UNI, The Hindu Business Line, Auto Portal and Auto News Press.

Overall, this campaign was an absolute success and grabbed the attention of a lot of users.

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